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Eternal Warriors

A Sailor Moon Roleplay Community

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Welcome to eternalwarriors.
Community Maintainers: contradictz, tokisenshipluto
Questions? Complaints? Suggestions? Please take it up with the community maintainers.


Sailor Moon: moonlight_kisu
Sailor ChibiMoon: pinku_no_senshi
Tuxedo Mask: ladycheysuli

Inner Senshi
Sailor Mercury: tokisenshipluto
Sailor Mars: contradictz
Sailor Jupiter: missmakoto
Sailor Venus: chocobit

Outer Senshi
Sailor Saturn: serasaturn
Sailor Uranus: mesembria
Sailor Neptune: mesembria

Luna: violintides
Artemis: OPEN
Diana: tokisenshipluto

Kisenian Flower: temped by tokisenshipluto
Fiore: contradictz

Shugorei [Character Info]
Sailor Arctic/Aoko: tokisenshipluto
Sailor Aurora/Oriana: tokisenshipluto
Sailor Inferno/Hisuke: contradictz
Sailor Cascade/Shioke: contradictz

Original Characters
Laurian Trellan: hidden_fighter [Character Info]
Sailor Gallifrey/Jikoru: saylorgallifrey [Character Info]
Xenia: mesembria [Character Info]

It's been just over one year since Galaxia's defeat. The Starlights have returned to their planet and Pluto back to the Time Gate to take her rightful place. The senshi thought they were through fighting evil. Naturally, they thought wrong. This RP is based strongly on the Sailor Moon R Movie.
In this new peaceful time they face a new evil - The Kisenian Flower. She wants to steal the energy from the people on earth to feed her flowers, and to colonise the earth with her own species. However, in order to do this she requires a host body. Fiore is this vulnerable heart that she is able to take advantage of.

Note: Cats may turn into their human forms at anytime. You may use attacks from any version of Sailor Moon - the choice is yours. Do not create new attacks for your characters without consulting a maintainer first.
Please use Japanese names.

While this RP is based on BSSM, originals are accepted, to an extent, with certain rules. The Shugorei [Bio] are such originals. However, we don't want this RP to be over run with original characters, as this would prove to be confusing in the future, with the chance of BSSM characters being pushed aside. Thus, we have decided to limit originals characters to a maximum number of ten in the community. In this case, it is a first come first serve basis. For information and guidelines on how to apply for original characters, please read the 'Rules' Section.

In order to keep the RP in working order please keep to the rules. Any disregard for the rules will give you a ban. Thank you. This is so we don't have a dead RP.

1. Read and keep up-to-date with the Userinfo.
2. You may play as many characters as you can handle, as long as you keep up with the plot.
3. Try to post at least once a week.
4. Do not play someone else's characters, do not God mode.
5. If you will be absent leave a message for the maintainers.
6. Do NOT cause drama in the RP, comments or the player's journal. If you have a problem - talk to a maintainer or take it to IM.
7. When applying for a character, head your post as such in the subject, The Pink Bunny of Love Rocks my Socks, to let the maintainers know you have read the entire Userinfo.
8. No single line/sentence posts.
9. Character icons are a must.
10. When posting doubles, please write "Who" and list who is in the double, proceeding to write "Summary" and give a small resume with the actual double behind an lj-cut.
11. Be as explicit as you like with characters. ;) Nothing tasteless, though, please.
12. Use past tense when roleplaying please.

Original Characters
1. Do not create "all-powerful" characters, it's bloody annoying. Have valid weaknesses.
2. Take the fall sometimes; you don't have to be the strongest, smartest, brightest character there is. It's not a competition, originals are meant to bring flavour not troubles to the RP.
3. You can't crush the world, or crush a character with your bare hands - it doesn't work like that. No one can God mode.
4. Originals must have a detailed history, they must be developed enough as to bring flavour and twists to the current plot.
5. Originals may not share powers/elements/planets with other characters so confusion and rivalry do not occur.
6. When creating characters, make dolls here, save one copy of your doll with a blank background and ask a maintainer to turn it into a little sprite for the info page.

Fill out the following and post it to the community.

What your character/s has/have been doing after the battle with Galaxia:
RP your character/s in a short paragraph:

Copy and paste this:

For original characters, use this form:

Sprites from: Three Lights
Layouts made by: contradictz

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